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A few words about us

The Bonfante family has been producing wines in Nizza Monferrato (AT), Piedmont, since 8 generations, in an area that represents the area of excellence for the production of Barbera d'Asti and which in 2014 obtained the "Nizza DOCG" designation. The Marco Bonfante winery was founded in 2000 when the brothers Micaela and Marco Bonfante decided to start their own production process, this happens following the death of their father Domenico and the subsequent split of the winery he founded in which they already actively operated. The winery is a family-run company; Marco, graduated from the Oenological School of Alba, is the wine maker and deals with the production and management of the company at 360 degrees, assisted by an oenologist consultant Gianluca Scaglione, by an agronomist Daniele Eberle and by a certified laboratory of analysis the Bio-Chemical, while the administrative and shipment management is the responsibility of her sister Micaela. The company offers an image of quality and seriousness built thanking to a hard branding work that has led to its knowledge both in Italy and abroad. About 50% of the company's production is vinified in the Nizza Monferrato winery, the remaining part must be vinified, as per the production regulations, within the area defined by the denomination.
The grapes produced, comes from vineyards under management and from selected vineyards, thanks to an intense and flourishing "nègoce" activity. All cultivation operations are, in both cases, followed by the farm agronomist until harvest. Passion for the land is the engine of the company that follows low environmental impact processes. Respect for the environment is the starting point, but to obtain high quality wines one cannot ignore the care of the vineyards where the low yield per vine and the selection of grapes before and during harvesting are the basis.  



The production philosophy reflects Bonfante's signature taste which is based on Marco's intuitions and preferences, made of simplicity and clarity. “Wines must be elegant.”

For white wines the first objective is pleasantness; they must be fruity, mineral, without fermentation or aging in wood, they must reflect the characteristics of the grape. The most important white grapes are: Cortese, Arneis, Moscato and Sauvignon Blanc.

Structure, fruit, harmony and complexity are sought in red wines. The different vineyards and the grapes are selected and separated during the harvest, allocating them to different processes, both of vinification and of refinemant, depending on the goal to be achieved. The common point is always the balance between structure, acidity and alcohol. The aging in wood must complement the structure of the wine without ever overpowering it. The most important red grapes are: Nebbiolo, Barbera, Albarossa, Cabernet Sauvignon and Brachetto.

The reference consumer, in particular for wines as Albarone (Piemonte DOC Albarossa), Duedidue (Monferrato DOC Rosso), Bricco Bonfante Riserva (Nizza DOCG), Bussia Riserva (Barolo) and Menego Anniversario, is a demanding ones. Lover of structured and powerful wines, which if left to refine for a long time express notes in continuous evolution, to be discovered over the years and to collect, as in the case of the Albarone, who dresses each year with a new label

The company is part of:
Associazione Produttori del Nizza
Associazione Produttori Albarossa
Consorzio di Tutela del Gavi
Consorzio di Tutela Barolo e Barbaresco
Consorzio di tutela Barbera e vini del Monferrato
Consorzio di Tutela del Moscato

Vineyards Selection

In this category we propose, as the name says, the best selection of grapes from single vineyards. The aim is to research and to give value to the main characteristics of the grape varietals, first in the vineyard and then in the winery.

Premium Wines

In this section we propose white and red wines which are the heart of our production. These wines mirror the typical characteristics of the variety and they meet the consumers' taste because they are ready to be drunk.

White Wines

Our aim for the white wines is first of all the pleasantness. Following our taste we produce fruity amd fragrant wines, with a good minerality, which reflect the typical characteristics of the grape variety. All our white wines are produced using steel tanks in which they are also stored at controlled temperature until the bottling.

Red Wines

In our red wines we look for the structure, the fruit, the harmony and the complexity. The grapes that we produce are selected and divided during the harvest with relation to the final goal. The different batches of grapes follow different ways in the winemaking processes and in the following refinement in wood barrels. The final aim is always the balance between the various components with a special attention to the body, the acidity and the alcohol.

Sparkling Wines

Be they "Spumante" or "Frizzante", bubbles always call for a toast. Dry, sweet, white or red to satisfy everyone's palate and to make everybody cheer: "Salute"!


At the end of the alcoholic fermentation the marcs are separated from the wine. Without pressing them, we send them to the distillery, where the wise and careful work of the distillery master extracts the nectar that warms our palate up at the end of the meal.

Selezione Sileo

These wines are surprisingly pleasant and fresh. They are fruity, very easy to drink, with no refinement in wood barrels. The wines from this selection are perfect to be drunk now.

“I like on the table, when we're speaking, the light of a bottle of intelligent wine.” P. Neruda www.albarone.it

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