Le Filere di Maria Grazia

GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Brachetto
Soil:  Calcareous clay marl, with sand and loam.
Training system: Guyot
Vineyard density: 5500 plants per hectare
Harvest: Second half of September
Yield per hectare: 65hl/Ha
The must obtained from the soft pressing of the grapes is left in the tank for some hours to rest. After that, the wine gets poured and the temperature lowers until 2°-3°C (35°-37°F) to favour the conservation. The following phase is the fermentation of the must in the tank at temperature controlled (16°-18°C/60°-64°F), until it reaches the request alcoholic content of 6,5%. In this phase the typical “perlage” of Brachetto takes shape. It is the result of the overpressure created in the tanks by the CO2, produced from the process of natural fermentation. As it is a sparkling wine the “froth capture” takes longer.
TASTING: In the glass the Brachetto shows an intense ruby red. The perlage is fine and elegant. On the nose it is fruity, musky and very delicate. Scents of rose and strawberry are recognizable.
The sweet and aromatic taste and the balance between the low alcohol content and acidity, never too high, give this wine a pleasant freshness.

Service temperature: 6°-8°C (42°F-46°F)
Food pairing: Aperitif wine and dessert wine, it pairs perfectly with all baked dessert. It matches with fresh pastries, cakes, pies and fruit tarts. Ideal with fresh fruits (strawberry, peaches) and with dried fruits (hazelnuts, nuts and figs).


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