Grappa Barolo BUSSIA Riserva

Grapes ꞉ 100% Nebbiolo pomace from Barolo del Crù Bussia. Alcohol content 45% Vol. - Contents 70 cl.
The grape variety used for its distillation is Nebbiolo from Barolo from our Bussia cru,prized and selected before being taken to the distillery. The origin of the pomace variesin the most famous DOCG area of ​​Piedmont in the world. That of Barolo and in particular of the cruBussia The refinement for this grappa develops starting from the selection of the valuable raw materialand then continue with a distillation that operates with the discontinuous bain-marie method. There the grappa obtained at the end of this process is then left to rest in small oak barrels for 5 years, a period in which aromas and flavors have the right time to evolve and mature. At the endof maturation we proceed with the bottling and marketing operations.

Characteristics Grappa di Barolo "5 Years" BUSSIA Riserva :
In appearance this fine grappa distilled by the Marolo distillery is yellow in colourbright amber. The scent is rich and complex, of dried and canned fruit, vanilla, honey andspices. The taste is soft, warm and enveloping, with intense aromas of dried fruit and sweet spices.

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