The grape variety Albarossa was born thanks to Prof. Giovanni Dalmasso, who combined genetically Nebbiolo from Dronero (the flower), called Katus, and Barbera (the pollen) to create a new vine varietal. In the 80’s of 20th century it was vinified for the first time by Prof. Mannini, of the CNR in Turin, starting the experimentation at Tenuta Cannona, wine experimental centre of Region Piemonte. The first implantations for commercial aims date back to the first 2000’s, while the first DOC with the appellation Piemonte DOC Albarossa is from 2009.
Nowadays, among the very few wineries which produce a wine with 100% Albarossa grapes there is ours with our unique product: the Albarone.
To a thorough selection in the vineyard, it follows a process of drying of a part of the harvested grapes, completed at the moment of the pressing with fresh grapes remained on the plant to ripen.
For Marco it was a dream begun in 2007 that has become a very concrete reality. The goal was to produce a long-lived, great structured wine, offering new sensations and aromas in the panorama of Piedmont viticulture.
GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Albarossa
VINEYARD: The soil is rich of calcareous clay marl. Exposition: south, south-east. Altitude: 250 mt. asl. The microclimate is influenced of sea winds which favour the integrity and the ripening of the grapes. The good temperature range allows to have fragrant, fine and elegant wines.
Training system: Guyot
Vineyard density: 5500 plants per hectare
Harvest: 70% of the yield at the beginning of September to be dried, 30% first half of October
Yield per hectare: 30hl/Ha
WINEMAKING: The harvested grapes get destalked and soft-pressed. After that, we place them in steel vinificator machines for a cold maceration. The process, which lasts about 36/40 hours, favours the maximal extraction from the fruit of aromas, colour and structure. Then the Albarone ages for a total of 24 months in 1000 lt. French oak barrels. Before putting it on the market, the wine stays in the bottle in our cellar at a controlled temperature (12°C) for 12 months.
TASTING: In the glass the Albarone amazes already for its intense violet colour. In the nose it is a spectacle of aromas of ripe cherry, plum, berries and spices with balsamic note. On the palate it expresses all its power: it is extremely pulpy, tannic but smooth and it has an extraordinary concentration of fruit. It is very long, with a sweetness that reveals a taste of blueberry and ripe plum. This wine begins to express its real complexity after 5-6 years of refinement in the bottle.
If stored at a constant temperature (12°-14°C/53°-57°F) it can be tasted also after 25 years.
Service temperature: 16°-18°(62°F-66°F)
Food pairing: Albarone pairs perfectly with very structured meat dishes, like pork cheek in red wine sauce, or veal stew. Exceptional is the pairing with pappardelle with venison and chestnuts sauce.
With the refinement it is very interesting with desserts, like the chocolate pie with melting heart or the chocolate chestnuts pie.


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